Giuseppe called Peppino

The rear of the photo is filled with some words of Giuseppe written by his own hand:

Dear brother, I want to wish you and your family a good S. John's day.
Your brother was one of the first to receive the gold medal and the war cross and 5 bronze stars for being a veteran Alpino (soldier of mountain-trained army corps) in Bainesizzo and Montenero. Your brother has been chosen by the President of the war veterans to represent them by the war fallen monument during the celebration on the 4th of november 1970. I do believe you will all appreciate this picture of mine. Ninni are you going to make it? Will you be valiant like your grandfather? Do you understand? My lovely wife wants to send a kiss to Eufrasia.
I kiss you all.

    Your brother,

The densely handwritten rear of the photo


The rear of the photo with the text written by his own hand