My grandpa was born in 6/11/1901 in Balsorano, L'Aquila, Italy in the beautiful land of Abruzzo, in central Italy, last of ten children: Santa (1883 - she married Francesco Norcia and then they emigrated to the US - ?), Filomena (1884 -1886), Maria Domenica called Mimmuccia (1886 - 1908, tragically died), Filomena (1887 - 1953), Maria Rosa called Rosetta (1891 - 1949), Giuseppe called Peppino (1893 - 1980), Maria  (1895 - 1959), Vincenzo (1897 - 1956 tragically died), Antonio (1899 - 1986).
His parents died during an earthquake in 1915 and he himself was trapped under the rubble to be saved by his brother Antonio.
In the 1927 he married in Avezzano, L'Aquila, Italy, Eufrasia Frontini (1906 - 1995) and from them were born 


A true story

two children, Giuseppe, my father (1929-1986) and Franca (1931-1997).  In the 50's he moved to Naples with the family and remained there until the time of his death that came on 10/4/1996.
Previously he worked as a military mechanic in Africa, and he later opened a safe and lock business.
He was always an honest and meek man. He loved his family and his city of birth, Balsorano.
He had very fond memories of his parents, especially his mother, and of his sister Santa.
I had the privilege of living along side my grandpa during the later years of his life.
I was with my grandpa the day that he died. He took my hands and asked me to come back home, to Balsorano.
I'm very grateful for my grandfather. He taught me the value of memory.

I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for my family. I thank my parents for made of me a person free from prejudices and able to forgive. I'm grateful for myself, for the tenacity, sensibility and love for the genealogy.
Thanks to uncle Chino, because he was the first one to stimulate me toward the genealogy and the history of Balsorano.
Thanks to aunt Igia, for the love she always shows us and for her generosity and hospitality.
Thanks to Franco and aunt Laura, for the support that they gave me during the hard times.
Thanks to uncle Giovannino for his books. To be part of the Troiani family is wonderful, every person is unique and generous, and I never felt alone because of them.

A very special thanks to Caroline Reeves from the U.S. that has looked for me the boarding pass of Santa Norcia at the N.A.